IT Natural Disasters

Business Continuity for your IT Systems when a Natural or Human Caused Disaster Hits Your Business

It seems that the “Natural Disaster” buzzword is the media favorite now a days. Seemingly with real cause to be concerned, the climate and changes occurring are impacting us and in truth, by all research and scientific data, Natural Disasters will be an increasing phenomenon. This solidifies one constant idea; in the end, you cannot fight Mother Nature. However you can protect yourself and take a proactive approach to the possibility so that you are prepared.


The same theory applies to business. Commerce is what sustains society, and accordingly we need to maintain commerce for a myriad of reasons, especially during times of crises and Natural Disaster. Just as FEMA acts as a support for our homes so too does FEMA offer support to our business, and The Federal Emergency Management Agency gives ACP IT Solutions the guidelines to offer support and solutions to protect your business.

Many businesses today keep on-site records and files, in both white paper and electronic formats that are the backbone of the business operations. The loss of these records and files is more common than you might think, and adds to the total loss of the damages of the event. This also causes operational delays, and the longer the company cannot operate the more it costs.

FEMA recommends that to take precautionary action it is necessary to decide what records and files are the most important to the business. Decide based on exposure to damage, taking into account the type of Natural Disaster, such as flood, fire, earth quake). Computers should be raised off the floor, and kept away from windows that might blow in. Fragile items should go to lower shelves. Store records off-site. Regularly back-up vital files and maintain these as well on an off-site space. Secure equipment that might fall.

While many of these may seem like common sense, they can be the business “to-do” items that get regularly pushed back in favor of what may seem like more important tasks at the time.

The first three key things to consider in preparation of a Natural Disaster:

  • Regularly back-up vital files and maintain these as well on-site (premise) on an off-site (off-premise) space.
  • Convert Paper documents and file them into an electronic form that can be electronically managed.
  • Store records off-site
Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster recovery solutions can mitigate interruptions Mother Nature will throw at you

We think the key to consider here from the ACP IT Solutions perspective is the relevance to the computer systems, the records storage, and the file back up. We emphasize these within our models and business solutions because we want to be proactive alongside our clients and ensure that the safety of the company and the consistency of the operation is never compromised, not even in the most extreme situations.

Consider this: when natural disaster strikes, identity theft rises, insurance scams grow, and information leaks out or is extracted and your business and your customers are now all at risk. Where is the liability for the protection of the information? The loss and liability of not being pro-active to protect your most valuable documents for your business is greater than the time invested to protect the most valuable asset a business has.


Electronic Record Storage and Security is the immediate solution to protecting all of your company documents. Converting your paper document Storage and Security, from on-site to a third party provider can offer peace of mind that these are protected. Conversion of paper to electronic records (Scanning) is the ideal conversion for document management and while covering all of these proactive options, it is recommended that your company and the service providers you are working with collaborate with you to develop a Disaster Recovery Strategy that will keep your business running, even in crisis.
While we may not consider all the variables every time a Natural Disaster strikes, we can take all the precautions necessary to protect ourselves and our businesses with the tools and knowledge we do have. And although we cannot fight Mother Nature, ACP IT Solutions can sure help you work with Her.

Summary Question:
Had you considered these Natural Disasters before, and the affect they could have on the operations of your business?

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Lightning
  • Hurricane/Tornado
  • Theft

ACP IT Solutions can help you prepare for these and more. Contact us for more information.

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